Fiber Optic Instruments

Xelpov Surgical offers High-quality Fiber Optic Hand-Held Retractors for use in Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty and General Surgery. The most popular styles include Tebbetts Retractor, Ferriera Retractor, Biggs Mammoplasty Retractor, Emory Style Retractor, Endo Brow Retractor, St. Mark’s Retractor, and Deaver Retractor. Featuring Dual Fiber Optic and Suction/Smoke Evacuation Tube.
Fiber optic light pipes can be added to any standard Retractor.
These Retractors are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any patient size, with standard interlocking male fittings to connect to female fittings on ACMI*, Richard Wolf*, and Storz/Olympus* cables.
Fiber Optic Retractors facilitate visibility in difficult-to-see surgical cavities, increasing exposure to tissue and providing optimal light with a variety of blades, lengths, widths, and angles.