Plastic Surgery

Xelpov Surgical offer an excellent range of Plastic/Re constructive & Cosmetic Surgery Instruments, manufactured from Japanese, German and Pakistani Stainless steel. We have professional approach in throughout product manufacturing process, from material to heat treatment, from pickling to electro-polishing, from fixing to ultrasonic cleaning. All products are hand finished to perfection, many years of experience and knowledge is behind our success.

  • Breast Dissectors and Retractors

    Breast Dissectors and Retractors (20)

    Breast Dissectors and Retractors give advantages at the submammary, areoloatic and in particular on axillary preparation of the implant bed for breast.
  • Elevators & Raspatories

    Elevators & Raspatories (23)

    Xelpov offers an assortment of Elevators, Raspatories, Dissectors, and Rasps of the very highest quality. The range includes double-ended elevators & raspatories, bayonet-shaped bone files, bone/nasal rasps, raspatories with plastic handles, and ring-style raspatories.
  • Mallets and Cartilage Instruments

    Mallets and Cartilage Instruments (9)

    Select from a wide range of Cartilage Crushing Instruments, Mallets & Septum Morselizers including Cottle Cartilage Crusher, Jost Gubisch Cartilage Crusher, Cartilage Cutting Block, Bergmann Mallet, Cervical Mallet, COLLIN-LUCAE Metal Mallet, Doyen Bone Mallet, Gerzog Mallet, Lead Filled Mallet, Kirk Mallet, Hajek Bone Mallet, Novotex Plastic Mallet, Mallet With Plastic Facing, Mead Mallet, Omberdanne Mallet and Rubin Septal Morselizer.
  • Measuring and Marking Instruments

    Measuring and Marking Instruments (16)

    Xelpov Surgical offer a wide range of Measuring & Marking Instruments such as Areola Marker, Areola Marker Sets, Castroviejo Caliper, Castroviejo Epker Caliper, D’Assumpcao Face Lift Marker, Finger Goniometer, Freeman Areola Marker, Grossman Areola Marker, Gubisch Pen Holder, Jameson Caliper, Joseph Measuring Rod, Lockwood Abdominal Demarcator, McKissock Breast Marker, Nose Tip Marker, Moltgen Flexometer, Pitanguy Flap Demarcator, Sheen Grid, Solution…
  • Needle Holders

    Needle Holders (21)

    Xelpov Surgical offers a variety of Needle Holders including TC Needle Holders, Micro Needle Holders, Standard Needle Holders and Needle Holders with Scissors etc.
  • Self-Retaining Retractors

    Self-Retaining Retractors (4)

    Buy Xelpov’s Best Quality Self Retaining Retractors like, Alm Retractor, Finsen Retractor, Skin Retractor, Cross Action Retractor, Spring Retractor and Weitlaner Retractor.
  • Suction Tubes

    Suction Tubes (6)

    Buy Xelpov Surgical' s World Class Suction Tubes. The Essential Plastic Surgery Instruments approved by World's Leading Surgeons.
  • Surgical Scissors

    Surgical Scissors (52)

    View Xelpov Surgical's Latest Scissors.The perfect piece of art from finest steel in your capable hands.The best plastic surgery instruments for super surgeons. Our vast assortment of scissors include Ultra Fine Dissecting Scissors, Super Cut scissors, Ceramic Cut Scissors, Scissors with Tungsten Carbide Insert, Nasal Scissors, Dorsal Scissors, Gum and Tissue Scissors, Gold tip Scissors, Freeman Scissors, Metzenbaum scissors,Face lift…