Aufricht Nasal Retractor


Xelpov Surgical’s Aufricht Nasal Retractor is a specialized ENT device that helps surgeons in broadening the nostril diameter, in order to gain maximum exposure to the surgical field and introduce other instruments into the nasal cavity.

  • Atraumatic Blunt Edges to Avoid Mucosal Damage.
  • Multiple Blade Sizes for Passing into Every nostril.
  • Ergonomic Hollow Handle Ensuring Superior Control.


Xelpov Surgical’s Aufricht Nasal Retractor offers a wide array of surgical benefits. Its principal use is to provide an atraumatic way of enlarging the nostrils for exploration or rhinoplasty procedures.

For this purpose, the Aufricht Nasal Retractor features a blunt-edged blade. Therefore, it causes minimal damage to the nostril’s internal mucosa. In addition, the blade features a downward angle to enhance the surgical view.

Secondly, the Aufricht Nasal Retractor features a hollow handle with longitudinal ridges. As a result, surgeons obtain an exceptional gripping that minimizes fatigue and slippage.

Thirdly, we offer multiple retractors to cover wide surgical indications. This includes the converse and aufricht retractor with hooks. Therefore, this range allows you to suit the needs of every patient.

We manufacture all our Retractors & Dissectors from premium quality stainless steel that allows easy sterilization and reliable reuse of instruments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length : 18 cm
  • Blade : 7 mm / 10 mm / 12mm
  • Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated
  • Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
  • Dull-Polished: Yes
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Grade: Premium OR
  • Latex: Latex Free
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Packing: Individually Packed
  • QC Passed: Yes

Additional information

Type of Instrument

Non-Conductive, With Fiber Optic, Standard, Prime Line

Working Length

Length 45mm x Width 10mm, Length 45mm x Width 12mm, Length 45mm x Width 7.0 mm

Instrument Type



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