Gillies Forceps


Xelpov Surgical’s Gillies Dressing Forceps is a multipurpose surgical tool that surgeons in every area can use for grasping swabs, drapes, gauzes and other small-sized surgical dressings, with the purpose of packing wounds and absorbing excess fluids.

  • Delicate Serrated Tips for Carrying Small Dressings.
  • Tapering Working End for Grasping Delicate Tissues.
  • Thumb-Style Spring Handles Ensuring Superior Control.


Xelpov Surgical‘s Gillies Forceps is a thumb-type instrument that offers multiple benefits. Its principal function is to carry dressings for packing wounds and absorbing blood and other fluids or to grasp membranes, blood vessels sheaths as well as skin and subcutaneous tissue. 

For this purpose, the Gillies Dressing Forceps features a pair of long, tapering jaws that ensure deep surgical access. Moreover, the jaws have fine serrations that not only serve to grasp delicate dressings but also to remove debris and torn tissues.

In addition, the Gillies Dissecting Forceps includes 1 x 2 teeth at the tip which helps ensure secure grip. The narrow profile of the instrument works to increase precision of dissection

All our Thumb Forceps with tungsten carbide inserts has a golden-plate handle coating to distinguish from our premium stainless steel pattern. Secondly, these inserts provide additional support to strengthen the grip. Therefore, these SuperGrip adson forceps ensure secure grip of slippery tissue with least amount of effort.

In addition, the Gillies Forceps includes horizontal serrations on the handles which give optimum control of instrument. Moreover, it has a smooth design and light weight which adds to the comfort of the surgeon.

All our Plastic Surgery Instruments are made in highest quality, premium grade stainless steel with satin finish to reduce glare. The instrument can be sterilized and reused. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 15cm
  • Tip: Cross Serrated, 1 x2 Teeth
  • Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated
  • Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
  • Dull-Polished: Yes
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Grade: Premium OR
  • Latex : Latex Free
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Tests Performed: Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test
  • Packing: Individually Packed

Additional information

Type of Instrument

Standard, With Tungsten Carbide

Tip Profile

1 x 2 Teeth, Serrated Jaws

Instrument Type



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