Adventitia Micro Scissors


Xelpo Surgical’s Adventitia Micro Scissor is a multipurpose instrument that is often used in complicated surgeries for appropriate dissection of delicate tissue. It is commonly used in neurosurgeries, ophthalmic procedures, and cardiovascular procedures.

  • Beveled Blades To Enhance Cutting Performance
  • Sharp/Blunt Tips For Appropriate Dissection
  • Streamlined Design For Better Control


Xelpov Surgical’s Adventitia Micro Scissors come with special rounded yet pointy tips that are ideal for blunt and sharp dissection of tissues.

Especially includes delicate blades which ensure precise dissection. In addition, the smooth outer curves of the instrument allow it to pass in between tissues with ease.

Available in straight and curved varieties to suit different surgical needs. The straight version is best for superficial dissection whereas, the curved variety is ideal for deep dissection.

Moreover, the lightweight and smooth design of the instrument reduce stress on the surgeon’s hand. The Adventitia Micro Scissors has short blades to shank ratio to increase precision.

The scissors also consists of a flat spring system that enables fast actions

The bunt tips also prevent inadvertent soft tissue damage. Whereas the sharp tips are best for piercing through tissue. The operating scissor also comes with a double spring thumb handle that improves the comfort of dissection. Moreover, the handle has serrations that ensure a secure grip.

The instrument is made with premium-grade stainless steel with a satin finish to prevent glare. It can be sterilized and reused.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 14.5cm
  • Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated
  • Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
  • Dull-Polished: Yes
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Grade: Premium OR
  • Latex: Latex Free
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Tests Performed: Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test
  • Packing: Individually Packed
  • QC Passed: Yes

Additional information


Straight, Curved

Tip Profile

Blunt/Blunt, Sharp/Sharp

Instrument Type


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