Semken Forceps


Xelpov Surgical’s Semken Dissecting Forceps is a specialized surgical instrument used for gripping internal tissues as well as foreign bodies. It is commonly used in complex surgeries including ophthalmic procedures, ENT and maxilofacial surgeries.

  • Narrow Jaws For Precise Manipulation
  • Spring Handles For Rapid Action
  • Serrations For Secure Grip


Xelpov Surgical‘s Semken Forceps is a thumb-type instrument that offers a wide array of benefits. Its main uses are to efficiently hold delicate tissues and carry swabs to soak up blood and other fluids.

For this purpose, the instrument comes with a pair of tapering jaws that easily pass into tight anatomical spaces. Moreover, the low-wear internal tips serrations help in preventing local damage.

The Semken Dressing Forceps is available in two working end profiles, including serrated and with teeth models. The operator can pick between patterns according to the surgical approach. Also, the thumb-style handle feature outer ridges that enhance gripping and a spring system that ensures smooth clamping movements.

Secondly, Xelpov Surgical’s Semken Dissecting Forceps comes with extremely delicate tips that are ideal for grasping tiny tissues.  Grasps delicate mucous membranes, small foreign bodies, soft tissues, blood vessels as well as skin and subcutaneous tissue. 

Especially includes 1 x 2 teeth at the tip which help to improve grip on tissues. The narrow jaws of the instrument also increase precision of dissection.

In addition, the Semken Forceps includes fine serrations on the handles which ensure secure grip on instrument. 

All our Forceps are manufactured  from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of quality service.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide
  • Tip Profile: Serrated, 1 x 2 Teeth
  • Length: 16cm, 18cm
  • Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated
  • Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
  • Dull-Polished: Yes
  • Re-usable: Yes
  • Grade: Premium OR
  • Latex : Latex Free
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Packing: Individually Packed
  • QC Passed: Yes

Additional information

Type of Instrument

Standard, With Tungsten Carbide


12.5 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm

Tip Profile

1 x 2 Teeth, Serrated Jaws

Instrument Type


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