We at Xelpov Surgical have a history of taking the initiative to set up procedures and policies that promote openness and sound corporate governance. We consider compliance to be more than just a verbal commitment, and all of our business decisions are based on moral principles like sustainability, justice, and honesty.

Quality Policy

Our Corporate Business Principles include quality as a fundamental component. These values direct our actions so that we can provide preferred, safe, and compliant goods and services. Never compromising on the quality, safety, or compliance of our goods and services is our pledge.

Ethics Policy

Our company's approach to attaining and sustaining good business behavior through solid ethical conduct is outlined in our ethics policy, which is developed to give direction and structure. It emphasizes the expectations of our customers and workers for fair treatment and compliance with ethical business practices, and it makes sure that every employee is aware of their individual and group duties with regard to the company's ethics.

LSAS Policy

At Xelpov Surgical, we are committed to upholding the highest labor standards across our operations and supply chain. Our Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) policy reflects our dedication to ensuring fair and ethical treatment of workers, fostering safe and healthy working environments, and promoting responsible labor practices throughout our organization.

Environmental Policy

In order to prevent pollution, minimise the negative effects of its operations on the environment as much as is reasonable, continuously improve its performance in relation to targets related to its significant environmental aspects, and adhere to all applicable environmental laws, the Company will conduct its business in this manner.

General Health & Safety Policy

Our company's commitment to health and safety means that everyone must always exercise caution. Everyone needs to understand the importance of adhering to safe work practices and putting all of the stated measures into place. In addition, it is everyone's moral and legal responsibility to report dangerous situations as well as any strategies for attaining ongoing development. The Directors are in charge of all things related to putting in place a successful health and safety system. Every employee will be made aware of this system, which will be updated and maintained as needed.