Anderson Claw Retractor

Xelpov’s Anderson Claw Retractor is a surgical tool that can be used during plastic surgeries to pull back slices of skin without the risk of trauma, haemorraghe or other surgical complications.

  • Five Long & Sharp Prongs For Pulling Back Wide Slices Of Tissue
  • Versatile Double-Ended Design For Enhanced Surgical Control
  • Ergonomic Central Flat Handle For Superior Manipulation
SKU: RT-082-05

The Anderson Claw Retractor consists of a central flat handle and two hook-type working ends.

The claw retractor helps surgeons to pull back soft tissues, such as the skin. To this end, the retractor has five sharp prongs that ensure maximum exposure of the surgical field.

In addition, the claw retractor has a central handle that features an ergonomic outline. This helps surgeons to perform long surgeries with comfort.

As a result, the Anderson Claw Retractor is widely used during plastic surgery where vision of the facial muscular anatomy is needed.

Our claw retractors feature a fine satin finish. Available in premium grade stainless steel.

Additional Information

Author Name






Working End Details

5 Sharp Prongs

Instrument Profile

Double Ended

Handle Type

Solid Handle

Overall Length

12 cm – 4 ¾"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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