Braun Cranioclast

Xelpov’s Braun Cranioclast is a specialized instrument that gynecological and obstetrics surgeons use to grasp, mobilize, and crush the fetal head, in order to ease the extraction of other fetal parts during embryotomy procedures.

  • Long & Curved Blades to Suit the Fetal Head.
  • Screw Mechanism to Adjust the Clamping Pressure.
  • Plier Grip Style Handle Ensuring Maximum Control.
SKU: OB-621-42

The Braun Cranioclast offers a broad range of advantages to perform embryotomy. Its principal use is to grasp the fetal head and delicately crush it, to pass into the uterus and remove other fetal parts.

For this purpose, the instrument features a pair of long, curved blades supplied with deep ridges. These specs provide exceptional aid during the extraction of a dead fetus. For example, the curves not only fit the fetal head with optimal precision but also traverse the vagina walls with ease. Also, the ridges ensure a secure clamping action to crush the head.

Moreover, the Braun Cranioclast features a plier grip style handle equipped with lateral horns that enhance the grip. In addition, the handle displays a screw mechanism at its proximal portion, which surgeons use to control the pressure exerted.

Manufactured in premium grade stainless steel with a fine satin finish that reduces glare.

Additional Information

Author Name





Working End Details

One Fenestrated Jaw & One Solid Jaw With Serrations

Handle Type

Grip Handle

Ratchet / Lock

Screw Lock

Overall Length

42 cm – 16 ¼"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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