Caspar Distraction Screw

Xelpov’s Caspar Distraction Screw is a specialized surgical piece that neurosurgeons can use for fastening two vertebrae during certain procedures, such as spinal distraction and discectomy.

  • Helically Grooved Promoting Secure Fastening.
  • 12 to 18mm Lengths for Suiting All Needs.
  • Round Base for Fitting the Screwdriver with Ease.

The Caspar Distraction Screw offers a wide array of surgical advantages. Its principal use is to drill the vertebral implant plates and fixate them into a static position, in order to widen the spinal canal.

For this purpose, the screws feature a helically grooved design that ensures efficient drilling. In addition, the screws are available in several sizes, which may vary from 12 to 18mm. As a result, surgeons can choose the crew according to the implant and vertebrae.

Moreover, the Caspar Distraction Screws feature a round base that surgeons can fit into the Caspar Screwdriver. After that, they can rotate both instruments to broaden the pre-drilled holes.

Manufactured in premium grade stainless steel to ensure the highest quality instruments in your operating rooms

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