Finochietto-Baby Rib Spreader

The Xelpov’s Finochietto-Baby Rib Spreader is a specialized surgical instrument commonly used for retracting the small space between adjacent ribs during a thoracotomy. It is commonly used during cardiovascular surgeries and trauma procedures to access the internal organs for surgical manipulation.

  • Fenestrated Blade To Minimize Tissue Damage
  • Screw Lock To Decrease User Fatigue
  • Light Weight For Comfortable Handling
  • Ergonomic Design For Superior Control
SKU: CV-072-01

The Finochietto-Baby Rib Spreader comes with angled blades for a secure grip on tissues.

Secures and spreads adjacent ribs during surgery to gain wider access.

Especially includes circular fenestration which ensure secure grip with minimum trauma to adjacent tissue.

Moreover, the smooth edges of the instrument prevent inadvertent soft tissue damage. The retracting forceps has an ergonomic design and lightweight for comfortable handling. The lightweight is especially useful for decreasing user fatigue during long procedures.

Includes screw lock which secures the blades at the optimum retraction.

The Finochietto-Baby Rib Spreader is available with 31 by 31 mm lateral blades which are ideal for small ribs.

Made in premium stainless steel with satin and mirror finish. It is also available in aluminum to suit different preferences. The instrument can be sterilized and reused.

Additional Information

Author Name






Working End Details

Fixed Fenestrated Blades

Working End Size

Lateral Blades 31 x 31 mm with 100 mm of Spread

Ratchet / Lock



Dual Satin & Mirror



CE Marking




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