Gauze Applicator

Xelpov’s Gauze Applicator is a specialized podiatric and chiropody device that the operator uses to pack toe wounds after partial or complete nail avulsion, in order to absorb blood and other fluids.

  • Blunt-Edged Profile to Avoid Local Injury.
  • Large & Small Sizes to Carry Different Gauze Types.
  • Standard Spring Mechanism to Close the Blades with Ease.

The Gauze Applicator offers a wide range of surgical benefits. Its principal use is to clean the nail bed from blood and secretions after nail avulsion.

For this purpose, the instrument features a U-shaped design that communicates both blades and permits the clamping actions. The blades’ smooth surface is ideal to carry gauzes and swabs to the nail bed and absorb fluids.

Moreover, the Gauze Applicator is available in large and small patterns to carry gauzes of different sizes. In addition, the standard spring mechanism allows surgeons to press the stems to clamp the desired swab with reliable pressure.

Manufactured in premium grade stainless steel to ensure the highest quality and product performance during surgical procedures.

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