Hess Extra Capsular Forceps

Xelpov’s Hess Extra Capsular Forceps is an ophthalmic surgical device that surgeons commonly use for grasping and guiding the lens capsule out of the anterior segment of the eye, especially during extracapsular cataract procedures.

  • Atraumatic Vaulted Jaws For Avoiding Inadvertent Injury.
  • Versatile Spring Mechanism For Maintained Clamping.
  • Ergonomic Flat Handles For Maximum Control.
SKU: OP-805-07

The Hess Extra Capsular Forceps offers a wide range of benefits for the ophthalmic surgical staff. These benefits are particularly useful for extracting the capsular bag with extreme care.

For this purpose, the device features a couple of atraumatic, vaulted jaws. Moreover, the jaws have two angles and a concave curve. This design is perfect to clamp and accommodate the tool against the lens capsule.

In addition, the instrument features two flat, horizontally ridged handles with spring action. Also, surgeons can press the handles for securely grasping the capsular bag. After that, they can proceed to remove the tissue and set the conditions to extract the nucleus.

All our Hess Extra Capsular Forceps are available in premium grade stainless steel with a fine satin finish.

Additional Information

Author Name



Main Category



Handle Type

Flat Handle With Spring Action

Overall Length

6.5 cm – 2 ½"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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