Heymann Nasal Scissor

The Xelpov’s Heymann Nasal Scissor is a specialized instrument used for blunt dissection and cutting of soft tissues within the nasal cavity. The instrument is commonly used to dissect soft tissue masses from the nasal cavity and during nasal turbinate reduction procedures.

  • Long Blades For Easy Access To Nasal Concha
  • Blunt Tips To Prevent Soft Tissue Damage
  • Angled Shanks For Comfortable Handling In Narrow Spaces

Our Heymann Nasal Scissor includes round tips that are ideal for blunt dissection of tissue. Cuts skin, mucous membranes, soft tissue, dead tissue, blood vessels as well as sutures. Especially includes angled blades that improve visibility. They also allow easy manipulation of tissues in narrow spaces. The long blades aid the instrument in this respect. They also improve access to the depth of the cavities. One toothed edge of operating scissor enhances cutting performance. This is because of even distribution of force along a narrow edge. Hence, the innovative blade ensures effortless dissection. In addition, the instrument is also available with or without serrated blades. Moreover, the instrument has blunt tips which protects soft tissue from damage. This is especially useful because of greater likelihood of damage in narrow spaces. The Heymann Nasal Scissor has ergonomic ring handles for better control. It also has light weight and streamlined design to minimize user fatigue. Also available in tungsten carbide variant for increased durability and tensile strength. Made in premium quality stainless steel with satin finish to avoid glare. The instrument may be sterilized and reused.

Additional Information

Author Name





Instrument Profile

Angled Shanks

Handle Type

Ring Handle

Overall Length

18.5 cm – 7 ¼"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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