Iterson Tracheal Hook

Xelpov’s Iterson Tracheal Hook assists surgeons to retract neck tissues in tracheotomy procedures. It can also be used to stabilize the trachea during surgical cricothyrotomy procedures. This is needed to provide clear surgical access during emergency interventions.

The operator holds the hook at an axis perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the trachea. Then, they place the device against the caudal surface of the scalpel blade and slide it down the trachea. After that, they rotate it in the inferior direction to apply downward traction on the superior margin of the cricoid cartilage. After confirming the placement of the tracheostomy tube, the hook can be removed.

  • Flat Handle To Guarantee Non-slip Grips.
  • Slender Shaft For A Clear Field Of Vision.
  • Two Sizes Available For Surgical Convenience.

Xelpov’s Iterson Tracheal Hooks help surgeons to open airways in the front of the neck in cases of upper airway disease. In addition, patients can breathe through this opening instead of using tubes in the mouth.

Surgeons use the hook to pull the edges of the neck opening during tube insertion. This prevents damaging the back of the airways with sharp forces. In addition, using the hook makes the trachea stable during deep incisions.

We designed the handle with a long profile to enhance your dexterity and grip. Moreover, its angles prevent accidental slips and mistakes. The prongs have curved ends to avoid tissue tears and vessel injury. In addition, the tapering shafts allow you to see the underlying tissues clearly.

You can place two hooks on both sides between the skin edges to keep the wound open. We make both sharp and blunt designs of Xelpov’s Iterson Tracheal Hooks. They are 17 cm in size and have slender profiles so they can pass easily into small areas. SURTEX® Laborde and Trousseau dilators are also available for your convenience.

SURTEX® Instruments manufacture hooks from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of efficient service in neck procedures.

Additional Information

Author Name






Handle Type

Solid Handle

Overall Length

17 cm – 6 ¾"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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