Krause-Voss Polypus Snare

Xelpov’s Krause-Voss Polypus Snares are wire loop devices that are used by otolaryngologists to encircle pedicles and remove polyps in ear procedures. This crushing action provides better hemostasis during polyp excision.

  • Long & Slender Neck For Deep Surgical Access.
  • Distal Ring For Controlled Movements.
  • Closed Tip For Wide Wire Loops.
SKU: OT-163-18

Xelpov’s Krause-Voss Polypus Snares assist surgeons to treat diseases in the nose and ear. For instance, the device helps remove soft nose polyps that cause discharge or infection. They can also remove ear polyps. Surgeons pass a wire loop from the snare to clamp the necks of these masses. This crushing action prevents bleeding after excision which can affect hearing or breathing.

Therefore, we designed the Xelpov’s Krause-Voss Polypus Snares with a long handle and a ratchet lock to enhance your precision and dexterity. Moreover, the wide finger ring design reduces strains and slips.

Start by moving the tip near the polyp. Then, pass the wire loop through the tip around the mass’s neck. Finally, close the wire around the neck firmly using the thumb ring on the handle.

We made the outer edges of the tip with a blunt surface to prevent tissue injury. In addition, the tip has a straight neck so you can see it easily.

This Xelpov’s Krause-Voss Polypus Snare is 26 cm long and has a slender shaft to reach deep polyps. In addition, it has a width of 3 mm and a closed tip in order for you to pass wire loops over large masses. For narrow loops, you can use the Krause Polypus Snares as they have open tips. In addition, we offer two sizes of wires to suit your approach for every patient.

Xelpov Surgical manufacture these snares from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of fine service.

Additional Information

Author Name





Handle Type

Ring Handle

Overall Length

18.5 cm – 7 ¼"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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