Laborde Tracheal Dilator

Xelpov’s Laborde Tracheal Dilator assists surgeons to make critical tracheotomy incisions in order to treat upper airway obstructions. The device helps dilate the trachea and facilitate the introduction of the tracheotomy tube.

In tracheotomy, surgeons make an opening in the anterior wall of the trachea to bypass obstructions in the upper airways or to manage chronic breathing problems. The procedure can be performed in an elective manner, but emergency obstruction require urgent tracheotomy. The surgeons perform a high, mid or low tracheal incision after displacing the strap muscles and thyroid isthmus.

  • Ratcheted handles for control and comfort.
  • Three prongs to ensure uniform tissue separation.
  • Long profile for deep surgical access.
SKU: TM-151-14

Xelpov’s Laborde Tracheal Dilators help surgeons to place tubes in the trachea in cases of airway obstruction. This is when doctors make an opening in the trachea to bypass a block in the upper throat. In addition, patients can breathe through this opening instead of using tubes in the mouth.

Surgeons use the dilator to widen the trachea and facilitate tube insertion. This prevents damaging the back of the airways with sharp force. Therefore, we designed its ring handles with a long profile to increase your control and dexterity. Moreover, its large finger rings prevent accidental slips and injuries. You can use the ratchet of the handles to offer ideal control of your movements.

We designed the three prongs with round tips to control the tissue separation and make a uniform opening. The blunt tips also avoid tracheal tears and injury. In addition, the jaws have narrow angled necks so you can view the working tips clearly.

This figure of the Xelpov’s Laborde Tracheal Dilator is 14 cm long. In addition, Its shafts are slender in order for you to pass the jaws easily into small areas.

Xelpov’s Surgical manufacture surgical devices from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of efficient service.

Additional Information

Author Name






Working End Details

Three Prongs

Handle Type

Ring Handle

Overall Length

14 cm – 5 ½"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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