Lahey Goitre Grasping Forceps

Xelpov’s Lahey Goitre Grasping Forceps assists surgeons to separate and dissect perithyroid tissues in goitre surgeries. For instance, they hold and cut the tissues related to the superior thyroid pedicle.

  • Capacious Finger Rings For Controlled Movements.
  • Ratchet Locks For Self-Retaining Clamps.
  • Two Profiles Available For Diverse Approaches.

Xelpov’s Lahey Goitre Grasping Forceps assist doctors to perform surgeries for diseases of the thyroid gland. The instrument helps to remove large goitres that affect breathing. In addition, it can help reduce thyroid hyperactivity and excise gland tumors.

Surgeons use the forceps to grasp and separate the tissues in the front of the neck. For instance, they use it to excise the fibrous tissues around the superior thyroid. Therefore, we designed its finger ring handles with a long profile to increase your grip and force. Moreover, its wide finger rings and ratchet clamp ensure stable and controlled movements.

We designed the teethed jaws to grasp the tough fibrous tissues and muscles securely. The inner curves of the jaws prevent injuries to the surrounding structures.

Three models of Xelpov’s Lahey Goitre Grasping Forceps are available to suit your different approaches. One forceps is 15.5 cm long and has 2×2 teeth. In addition, a forceps with 3×3 teeth and a length of 20 cm is available for larger goiters. These forceps all have narrow necks to give you a clear view when you open tissue planes.

Xelpov Surgical manufacture these devices from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of fine service.

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