Lateral Cutting Action Pin and Wire Cutters

The Xelpov’s Lateral Cutting Action Pin and Wire Cutters are used in the dissection and removal of orthopedic wires and pins during bone surgeries.

  • Long Handles For Comfortable Grips.
  • Slender Shafts For Deep Surgical Access.
  • Premium Grade Stainless Steel For A Reliable Service.
SKU: OR-236-23

Xelpov’s Lateral Cutting Action Pin and Wire Cutters assist doctors during bone surgeries. Surgeons use the cutter to model and cut wires and pins around bones. They need this when they are repairing fractures or attaching hardware like metal plates.

After fixing a wire around a structure or inserting a pin in them, the surgeons uses the cutter to grasp the free ends and excise them. This removes excess parts that can damage surrounding tissues.

Therefore, we designed the grip handles with a long profile to enhance your reach and dexterity. Moreover, they have ergonomic curves to prevent slips and hand strain.

We made the side cutting jaws with a cup-like shape to hold the wires and pin caps firmly during cutting. Their sharp tungsten carbide inserts can last 6 times longer than standard jaws. In addition, the jaws have smooth outer surfaces to prevent damaging other tissues.

The Xelpov’s Lateral Cutting Action Pin and Wire Cutters are long and have slender profiles to reach deep areas with ease. We also offer other devices to reconstruct orthopedic wires and hardware like Heavy Duty Plate, Pin and Wire Cutters to fit a wide variety of approaches. You can use these tools to suit every patient’s needs.

SURTEX® Instruments manufacture these devices from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of fine service.

Additional Information





Handle Type

Grip Handle

Joint Type

Compound Action Joint

Overall Length

22 cm – 8 ¾"




Stainless Steel

Working End Material

Tungsten Carbide

CE Marking




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