Liposuction Set for Breast

Xelpov Surgical’s Liposuction Cannulas & Accessories including Harvester, Injector & Infiltration cannulas are designed for successful cosmetic & reconstructive procedures.
Our Suggested Cannula Sets are designed by Famous Plastic Surgeons around the Globe for Fat Harvesting & Re-injecting.

Our sets are available for purchase both as standard configurations or as a source of inspiration for designing your own customized sets to meet your specific clinical requirements. With the flexibility to adapt these sets according to your needs, you can ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness in your practice.

SKU: LS-Set-004

Xelpov Surgical’s Liposuction Set for Breast is ideal for such a difficult yet delicate procedure and thus highly favored by plastic surgeons worldwide.

Our  Liposuction Set for Breast offers a comprehensive solution for harvesting and preparing microfat and nanofat in an office-based setting.

This all-inclusive package provides everything you need to efficiently perform liposuction procedures, ensuring optimal results for your patients. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, this set is tailored to meet the specific requirements of breast augmentation surgeries.

Experience convenience and effectiveness like never before with our Liposuction Set for Breast. This set’s exceptional quality and precision ensure optimal results and patient satisfaction.

Sr. # Description of Cannula # of Units
1 Tumescent infiltrator, Luer Lock, 2.0mm x 20cm 01
2 Multiport Speed Harvester- One End Sharp, Ultra Luer Lock, 3.0mm x 20cm 01
3 Spoon Blunt Tip Injector, Ultra Luer Lock, 1.5mm x 10cm 01
4 Spoon Blunt Tip Injector, Ultra Luer Lock, 2.0mm x 15cm 01
5 Spoon Blunt Tip Injector, Ultra Luer Lock, 3.0mm x 20cm 01
6 Aluminum Stop Lock for 20cc Syringes 01
7 Aluminum Stop Lock for 50/60cc Syringes 01
8 Syringe Caps, Stainless Steel 05
9 Decanting Syringe Stand for 50/60cc Syringes 01

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