Loute Wire Tightener

The Xelpov’s Loute Wire Tightener is used by orthopedic surgeons to tighten band wires around fractured bone fragments. This is important in operations like the figure of 8 tension band wiring of the patella.

  • Movable tip for optimal wire security.
  • Adjustable head for convenience and dexterity.
  • Premium stainless steel materials for reliable sterilization and service.
SKU: OR-104-21

Xelpov’s Loute Wire Tighteners assist doctors to use wires in bone surgeries. Surgeons use the device to manipulate wires around hard surfaces and bone plates when they need to repair fractures. In addition, they help attach pieces of bones together by looping wires around them and bending their ends in place.

In these procedures, surgeons can use a wire guide, such as the Demel Wire Guide, to loop the wires around different structures. Then, the tightener fixes the wire into place securely. Therefore, we made the device with a solid handle to enhance your control and dexterity. Moreover, it has outer serrations to increase your comfort and grip.

You can use the moveable jaws to capture and control the orthopedic wire securely. This allows the surgeon to twist the head in order to produce tight loops.

The Xelpov’s Loute Wire Tightener is 21 cm long. It has a slender profile for clear vision of the working tip. We also make other devices to tighten wires, like the Demel Wire Tightener and Twister. You can use this variation to suit the needs of every procedure.

Xelpov’s Surgical manufacture these devices from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of efficient service.

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Overall Length

21 cm – 8 ¼"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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