Maloney Intra-Operative Keratometer

Xelpov’s Maloney Intra-Operative Keratometer is a specialized surgical tool that ophthalmic surgeons use to project multiple light rings on the cornea, looking towards to evaluate and measure any abnormal curvatures during keratometry.

  • Atraumatic Inferior Edge For Preventing Scleral Damage
  • Small Ring Extensions For Evaluating The Entire Corneal Curvature
  • Knurled Inferior Border For Strong Gripping
SKU: OP-900-00

The Maloney Intra-Operative Keratometer offers a broad range of surgical advantages. These advantages have particular importance during keratometry.

For instance, the device comprises a cone-shaped structure. Moreover, it features a 6.5mm smooth inferior edge, which minimizes local damage. Also, the upper ring has a smaller scale and surgeons can use it to see the cornea.

Besides, the instrument features 2.5mm increments on its internal structure. When surgeons light up the cornea, the increments project multiple light rings that help in identifying any corneal abnormalities.

Lastly, all our Maloney Intra-Operative Keratometers are available in premium grade stainless steel, granting a long-lasting experience for your surgical staff.

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