Michel Laryngeal Mirror

Xelpov’s Michel Laryngeal Mirror assists otolaryngologists to examine and treat pharyngeal diseases in the hidden throat structures. You can use it to examine the vocal cords and obtain tissue biopsies from the posterior tongue and pharyngeal wall.

  • Long Handle For Stable & Reliable Examinations.
  • Slender Shaft For A Clear Field Of Vision.
  • Angled Mirror Design For Optimal Laryngeal View.

Xelpov’s Michel Laryngeal Mirrors help doctors to view masses in the throat and airways without general anesthesia. The instrument helps detect and treat inflammations of the larynx and tumors in the upper airways during their early stages.

Therefore, we designed its moveable handle with a long profile to increase your depth and accuracy. Moreover, the bulky shape of the handle offer stability and control.

During these procedures, surgeons use the Xelpov’s Michel Laryngeal Mirror to get an image of the blind areas in the throat.  For instance, it allows you to view the base of the tongue and the back of the soft palate. The plain mirror has a design that reflects underlying structures with a reversed image.

The Michel laryngeal mirrors are 25 cm long in order to reach the deep tissues in the neck. The shafts are slender and have a straight profile in order for you to view the mirror clearly.

Furthermore, we optimized a range of mirror sizes that range from 12 mm to 18 mm. This allows you to find the perfect size for every patient.

SURTEX® Instruments manufacture these mirrors from premium grade materials that you can depend on for years of efficient service.

Additional Information

Author Name





Instrument Profile


Handle Type

Hollow Handle

Overall Length

25 cm – 9 ¾"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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