Nasal Tampon Forceps

Xelpov’s Nasal Tampon Forceps assist rhinology doctors to insert packing materials in the nasal cavity for medications or hemostasis. They are ideal for grasping sheets of gauze for nasal packing procedures.

  • Serrated handles for firm and controlled manipulations.
  • Bayonet necks for ideal visual and surgical access.
  • Several shapes are available to suit different indications.

Xelpov’s Nasal Tampon Forceps assist surgeons to treat diseases in the nose, like bleeding. It packs gauze materials into the cavity to stop the blood. In addition, it can place medications to treat infections.

Surgeons use the Xelpov’s Nasal Tampon Forceps by inserting and pressing swabs into the nose. The pressure of these materials reduces blood collection that can affect the nasal functions.

Therefore, we designed the flat handles with a long profile to increase your grip and control. Moreover, their outer serrations reduce finger slips and strains.

Place the long jaws into the nares in the closed position. They have inner serrations for firm grasps and blunt edges to prevent tissue injury. In addition, the jaws have have slender and bayonet necks so you can see the working tip easily.

The Xelpov’s Nasal Tampon Forceps are available with a range of sizes from 16 cm to 20 cm long to reach deep spaces. Furthermore, they have multiple jaw shapes, ranging from smooth to teethed jaws. We also offer two figures of the Xelpov Surgical Forceps for your convenience. These include a 14.5 cm forceps for standard procedures, as well as a long 18 cm forceps to reach deep spaces. You can use this range to suit every patient.

Xelpov Surgical manufacture these forceps from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of quality service.

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Bayonet Shaped

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Spring Handle




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