Parker-Langenbeck Retractor

Xelpov’s Parker-Langenbeck Retractor is a multipurpose surgical device that assists surgeons in pulling back soft tissues and organs, and also in broadening wound edges or incisions during general surgery.

  • Double Ended Design For Reaching Superficial & Deep Tissues.
  • Atraumatic Blade Rims For Avoiding Haemorrhage.
  • Ergonomic Fenestrated Handle For Superior Control.
SKU: RT-579-21

The Parker-Langenbeck Retractor offers multiple benefits within the general surgery area. Moreover, these benefits play an important role during a wide range of surgical procedures.

For instance, the central handle has an oval fenestration for improving gripping. In addition, two small, flat shafts arise from the handle, afterwards turning into L-shaped blades.

Furthermore, the retractor’s blades have terminal descending lips for locking onto the retracted tissues. On top of this, their design includes blunted borders for avoiding accidental puncture and local injury.

Lastly, all our Parker-Langenbeck Retractors come in a set of two, including a small and a large version of the instrument with different sized blades.

Additional Information

Author Name



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Handle Type

Fenestrated Handle

Overall Length

21.5 cm – 8 ½"

Working End Size

21 x 15 mm/40 x 15 mm and 25 x 15 mm/45 x 15 mm




Stainless Steel


Set of 2

CE Marking




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