Paton Spatula & Spoon

Xelpov’s Paton Spatula & Spoon is a multipurpose surgical tool that ophthalmic surgeons can use for grasping, holding and removing the corneal button, thereby setting the optimal conditions to place the donor’s tissue.

  • Versatile Double-Ended Design For Complete Corneal Manipulation.
  • Solid Straight Shanks For Engaging The Donor’s Button With Ease.
  • Ergonomic Ridged Handle For Enhanced Gripping.
SKU: OP-793-14

The Paton Spatula & Spoon offers a wide array of benefits for the ophthalmic surgical staff. These benefits allow surgeons to perform the corneal button transfer technique.

To this end, the device comprises a useful double-ended design that consists of an angled spatula and a spoon. Moreover, surgeons may utilize the spoon to place the donor’s corneal button in an optimal position. After that, they use the spatula yo manipulate the new corneal tissue as the surgeon fixates it.

Besides, the instrument features a solid, flat handle with side ridges. This particular design enhances gripping and prevents finger strain during lengthy procedures.

All our Paton Spatula & Spoons are available in surgical grade stainless steel, ensuring a long-lasting surgical experience for your operating room.

Additional Information

Author Name





Handle Type

Solid Handle

Overall Length

14 cm – 5 ½"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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