Pennybaker Periosteal Elevator

Xelpov’s Pennybaker Periosteal Elevator is a specialized surgical tool that surgeons in multiple areas can use for separating the periosteum tissue from the bone, with the purpose of revealing the bone surface and perform other procedures.

  • Curved & Angled Tips Granting Access Into Narrow Spaces.
  • Atraumatic Blunt Profile for Minimizing Local Injury.
  • Solid Hexagonal Handle Ensuring Maximum Control.
SKU: OR-711-23

The Pennybaker Periosteal Elevator offers a wide array of surgical benefits. These benefits are particularly important to lift and dissect periosteal flaps in order to view the surgical field.

For this purpose, the elevator features a versatile double-ended design with two tips. Moreover, the tips are probe-like and one has a curved design while the other features an angle. Their blunt ends allow surgeons to slide the instrument between the periosteum and the bone prior to its further removal.

In addition, the device features a solid handle with a hexagonal shape. This ergonomic design helps in securing a strong grip and minimizes finger strain.

All our Pennybaker Periosteal Elevators are available in premium grade stainless steel, which confers a long-lasting experience for your surgical staff.

Additional Information

Author Name






Instrument Profile

Double Ended

Handle Type

Solid Handle

Overall Length

23 cm – 9"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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