Perthes Bone Reamer

The Xelpov’s Perthes Bone Reamer is used by orthopedic surgeons to make bone canals in order to apply a prosthesis. For instance, this allows the application of an Osten Moore Head during hemiarthroplasty operations.

  • Ergonomic flat handle for controlled manipulations.
  • Long and slender shaft for deep surgical access.
  • Sharp & pointed tip for optimal bone remodeling.

Xelpov’s Perthes Bone Reamers assist doctors to perform bone surgeries. Surgeons use them to shape the bone canals in order to place prosthesis when they need to treat and repair fractures. In addition, they help make holes for nails in order to attach pieces of bones together.

In these procedures, surgeons grasp the handle to rotate the blade on the bony surfaces. This rotation pushes the blade downwards into the bone tissues. Therefore, we designed the handle with a flat frame to enhance your grip and control. Moreover, the anterior edge has ergonomic curves to increase your comfort and prevent accidental slips in critical surgeries.

We made the blade of the Xelpov’s Perthes Bone Reamer with a sharp point to make smooth bone canals. In addition, it has a slender shaft so you can see the working tip clearly.

The Xelpov’s Perthes Bone Reamer is available with sizes of 18 and 21.5 cm long to reach deep spaces. In addition, we designed other reamers for your convenience in bone surgeries, like the standard Xelpov’s Bone Reamer. You can use this range of tools to customize your approach for every patient.

Xelpov Surgical manufacture these devices from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of quality service.

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