Rydel-Seiffert Tuning Fork

Xelpov’s Rydel-Seiffert Tuning Fork is an instrument that can be used in audiological examinations of hearing loss and in neurological examinations of vibration sensation.

  • High Quality Materials For Long-Term Service.
  • Plastic Foot For Optimal Balance And Control.
  • Adjustable Damper For Diverse Frequencies.
SKU: OT-134-00

Xelpov’s Rydel-Seiffert Tuning Fork is a multipurpose tool that assists otologists to examine the ear. For example, it tests hearing loss and neurological functions.

For the best results, each fork has two prongs, a shoulder, a stem and a foot. To obtain the fork’s frequency, hold the foot and strike the prongs on a hard surface.

For optimal versatility, you can move the dampers to produce a range of frequencies. For instance, the fork can produce 64 Hz with dampers and 128 Hz without dampers.

Moreover, you can use the fork to test the sense of vibration. To do that, place the foot of the tuning fork on the sternum or the base of the toe. After that, you can repeat the test on the malleolus and patella to confirm your results.

To obtain a quick offset, you can easily dampen the vibrations by placing the prongs in your closed palm.

Xelpov Surgical manufactures tuning forks from premium quality materials to provide an efficient service.

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Solid Handle

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C 64 – C 128




Stainless Steel

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