Sims (Recamier) Uterine Curette

  • Available in Malleable & Rigid Shaft
  • Working End Sizes 5mm (Fig 00) – 40mm (Fig 16)
  • Fenestrated Tear Drop Shape Tip Available in Sharp/Blunt

The Sims(Recamier) Uterine Curette malleable version is ideal for manipulation to achieve the angle preferred by patient and practitioner for easy access. Both types rigid and malleable have an overall length that ranges from 31cm to 35cm and are hollow.  Further details of sizes may be viewed in our pdf catalogue.

Historical Insight

In 1850 Recaimer noted that metrorrhagia was sometimes caused by what were called intra-uterine fungosities, and in such cases advised the introduction of a sort of scoop with subacute edges into the uterus and the scraping of its interior therewith. Although correct in theory, Recamier’s recommendation proved little short of disastrous in practice, for three cases of uterine perforation and death were soon reported, as result which led, not unnaturally, to the almost universal condemnation of the curette not only in France, but also in Germany and England. Little was heard of the instrument for fifteen years, and then (1865) Dr J. Marion Sims showed to the Obstetrical Society of London the curette which still bears his name, venturing at the same time to characterise curetting as a practice ” now recognised as legitimate” for removing intra-uterine fungoid granulations when productive of menorrhagia.

He preceded the use of the instrument by the introduction of a sponge tent and by the digital palpation of the cavity of the uterus when cervical dilatation had been accomplished ; he placed the patient in the left lateral semi-prone position and introduced his speculum; and before passing the curette he laid hold of and steadied the cervix with a tenaculum. Notwithstanding Sims’ statement that curetting was recognised as a legitimate procedure, Courty, writing a year later (1866), said that he had almost wholly discarded it on account of its danger; and for the next few years the text-books on gynecology continued to damn the curette with faint praise. Sims’ countrymen had, however, given a warmer welcome to Recamier’s instrument than the gynecologists of Europe, for we find Dr Noeggerath stating at a meeting of the New York Obstetrical Society in 1871 that he had used it twenty times with no unpleasant results, and without the previous introduction of the sponge tent, which he regarded as unnecessary and dangerous. Other speakers, however, at the same meeting reported cases of hysterical tetanus (with recovery), collapse (with death), and cellulitis following the use of the curette.

Reference http://Curettage of the Uterus By J. W. Ballantyne, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., F.R.S.E.

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Sims (Recamier)


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Hollow Handle




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