Sluder-Ballenger Tonsillectome

Xelpov’s Sluder-Ballenger Tonsillectomes allow doctors to remove tonsils in an outpatient setting without intubation. It takes a shorter period than dissection tonsillectomy and results in less post-operative pain. However, it requires more vigilance to avoid unnecessary damage or tonsil remnants. In contrast, the dissection method of tonsillectomy makes a sharp incision in the anterior tonsillar pillar’s mucosa. Then, a snare helps to separate the lower pole of the tonsil.

  • Ergonomic Grip Handle For Controlled Cuts.
  • Perpendicular Shaft For Deep Surgical Reach.
  • Three Tonsillectome Blades Available.

Xelpov’s Sluder-Ballenger Tonsillectomes allow doctors to remove tonsils when they cause pain or problems in breathing. Doctors also recommend removing the tonsils if they cause spread of infection.

Surgeons use the device to grasp the base of the tonsil. Then, they can cut the tonsil by pressing the grip handles. Therefore, we made the anterior handle with a wide ring and a light frame to give firm grasps. Moreover, the posterior handle’s design prevents accidental slips and mistakes.

Furthermore, we designed three sizes of cutting blades for the handle. They are long to allow deep access in the neck. In addition, they have slender shafts so you can view the blades directly in order to make safe cuts.

Xelpov Surgical manufacture surgical devices from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of fine service.

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