St Clair Thompson Adenoid Curette

The Xelpov’s St. Clair Thompson Adenoid Curette is used to remove the adenoid tissues in adenoidectomy. The surgeon inserts the curette in the middle line like a dagger, with the blade in the downward direction. They take care not to tilt the curette to avoid injury of the mouth of the eustachian tube. The surgeon introduces the blade past the soft palate until it reaches the nasopharyngeal vault. Then, a shaving motion removes the mass of adenoid tissue. They can disengage the cage according to indication, to avoid trauma to the surrounding structures and to preserve the middle ear ventilation. They also take care not to extend the patient’s neck severely to prevent atlanto-occipital injury in adenoidectomy procedures.


  • Large serrated handle for non-slip grips.
  • Long neck for deep pharyngeal access.
  • Rectangular curette blade with a cage to retain the adenoid tissue.
  • Range of sizes available to suit different patient types.

Xelpov’s St Clair Thompson Adenoid Curettes assist doctors to remove the adenoid tissues from the back of the throat when they enlarge due to infections. Doctors recommend this procedure when they cause ear problems or affect sleeping.

Surgeons use the handle to insert the blade in the back of the throat and excise these tissues from the nasal cavity. Therefore, we designed the handle with a bulky frame to enhance your grip and dexterity. Moreover, the outer angles on the handle increase your comfort and prevent hand slips.

We made the square blade with a wide fenestration in order to make clean cuts of masses and infected tissues. The sizes of the blades range from 10 mm to 16 mm in order to deal with a wide range of indications. .  In addition, the device has a tapering neck so you can see the blade in small areas.

The Xelpov’s St Clair Thompson Curette is 21 cm long to reach the back of the throat without effort. In addition, they have slender shafts to pass easily into the nasopharynx. We also make other adenoid curettes for your convenience. You can use these tools to customize your approach for every patient.

Xelpov Surgical manufacture these devices from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of fine service.

Additional Information

Author Name

St. Clair Thompson


Main Category


Handle Type

Hollow Handle

Overall Length

21 cm – 8 ¼"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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