Stille-Sherman Hand Drill with Twist Drills

The Xelpov’s Stille-Sherman Hand Drill with Twist Drills are widely used for making drill holes in a variety of orthopedic operations, such as plate fixation. They are also used for the fixation of fractures in the mandible, patella and olecranon. In addition, surgeons use them to remove lodged foreign objects or diseased bones.

  • T-shaped handle for dexterity and comfort.
  • Rotating crank with lateral handle for ease and efficiency.
  • Quick coupling with multiple drilling tools to cover multiple surgical preferences.
SKU: OR-040-00

Xelpov’s Stille-Sherman Hand Drills assist doctors to perform orthopedic surgeries. Surgeons use them to drill holes into bones when they need to treat and repair fractures. In addition, they help drive external pins to attach pieces of bones together.

Surgeons rotate the wheel disc of the Stille-Sherman Hand Drill to revolve its blade on the bony surface. This twisting movement pushes the blade and its attachment downwards to drill a hole into the bone. Therefore, we designed the handle with a T-like frame to enhance your grip and dexterity. Moreover, it has ergonomic curves to increase your comfort and prevent hand slips.

The terminal end can attach to a wide variety of drill bits for your convenience. This includes twist drill bits which range in size from 2.5 mm to 4 mm.The drill allows secure attachment of these bits and prevents accidental slips and slides in critical surgeries.

The Xelpov’s Stille-Sherman Hand Drill is 25 cm long and has a slender shaft so you can see the working tip clearly. In addition, we designed other drills for your convenience, like the Hudson Hand Drill. You can use these tools to customize your approach for every patient.

SURTEX® Instruments manufacture these devices from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of efficient service.

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Overall Length

25 cm – 9 ¾"




Stainless Steel

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