Terry Septal Osteotome

Xelpov’s Terry Septal Osteotome is a specialized rhinology device that surgeons commonly use to cut, divide and reshape the hard cortical bone of the nasal septum, especially during rhinoplasty and other ENT procedures.

  • Atraumatic U-Shaped Blade for Fitting the Septum’s Outline.
  • Entirely Straight Design for Higher Surgical Precision.
  • Ergonomic Solid Handle for Maximum Control.
SKU: OM-730-19

The Terry Septal Osteotome offers a wide array of benefits for ENT surgeons. These benefits are important to perform osteotomy onto the nasal septum during nasal reconstructive surgeries.

For this purpose, the instrument features a guarded u-shaped blade supplied with a beveled cutting edge. Moreover, the projecting lateral guard allows surgeons to scrape cortical bone slices while protecting adjacent soft tissues.

In addition, the device has a solid, square-shaped handle equipped with an impacting platform. Surgeons can hammer the platform to carve or divide the hard compact bone surface.

All our Terry Septal Osteotomes are available in premium grade stainless steel with a dual mirror and satin finish.

Additional Information

Author Name



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Working End Details

With Guard

Handle Type

Solid Handle

Overall Length

19 cm – 7 ½"


Dual Satin & Mirror


Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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