Textile Filters

Xelpov’s Textile Filters are sterilization accessories that the medical staff place into the bottom or lids of sterilization boxes, in order to permit an excellent and equally distributed steam impregnation.

  • Rectangular Profile to Fit into the Boxes
  • Multiple Sizes to Suit All Applications
  • Micro-Perforations for Optimal Steam Penetration

The Textile Filters offer a broad range of benefits within sterilization rooms. Their principal uses are to provide a reliable way to filter the autoclave steam and keep the instruments sterile while they remain in the box.

For these purposes, the filters feature a rectangular-shaped design that easily fits into the sterilization box. In addition, they are available in an assortment of sizes, ranging from 230 x 130mm to 420 x 1750mm. As a result, the operator can choose an adequate pattern according to the box.

Moreover, the Textile Filters feature micro-perforated surfaces for allowing an exceptional steam flow. Also, their flexibility ensures comfortable manipulation and placements.

Manufactured in premium grade cloth to meet the highest quality standards.

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