Utility Pick-Up Dressing Plier

Xelpov’s Utility Pick-Up Dressing Plier is a hand-held tool that dentists use to manipulate a variety of small objects, such as cotton pellets, in order to absorb fluids in the oral cavity or apply medication in a dry socket.

  • Serrated Profile to Minimize Local Damage.
  • Angled Tapered Jaws Ensuring Deep Surgical Access.
  • Ergonomic Spring Handle Ensuring Smooth Motion.
SKU: DD-127-00

The Utility Pick-Up Dressing Plier offers multiple surgical benefits in the dentistry area. Its principal use is to provide an atraumatic way to manipulate small objects and instruments within the mouth.

For this purpose, the instrument features a pair of angled jaws with serrated surfaces that achieve a steady grip. In addition, the jaws have a tapered design that permits to reach labial/buccal and lingual/palatal spaces.

Moreover, the Utility Pick-Up Dressing Plier features a pin-and-hole system to self-lock the jaws. As a result, dentists prevent material slippage and can apply liquid medication by squeezing cotton rolls over a dry socket.

Manufactured in premium grade stainless steel with a fine satin finish that reduces glare.

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