Weil-Blakesley Nasal Forceps

Xelpov’s Weil-Blakesley Nasal Forceps assists doctors in removing the bulla ethmoidalis and other ethmoidal air cells during nasal procedures.

  • Wide finger ring handles for controlled movements.
  • Fenestrated and slender jaws for ideal surgical access.
  • Range of models available to suit different surgical indications.

Xelpov’s Weil-Blakesley Nasal Forceps enable doctors to treat diseases in the nasal sinuses. The device helps remove tissues, like nasal polyps and tumors, in the bulla ethmoidalis. In these procedures, the device enlarges the sinus openings to relieve pressure and infection. Doctors recommend sinus surgery when the infection does not respond to drugs.

Therefore, we designed the ring handles with a long frame to enhance your grip and dexterity. Moreover, the wide finger rings increase your comfort and prevent hand strain in long procedures.

We made the oval jaws with a fenestration in order to remove soft tissues or bones in narrow sinuses. In addition, the outer surfaces of the jaws are blunt to reduce damage to surrounding structures. The jaws are available with either straight or curved necks so you can see them easily in small spaces.

The Xelpov’s Weil-Blakesley Nasal Forceps is 12 cm long and has a slender profile to reach deep parts of the nose. In addition, it has an angle between the handles and the shaft so you can see the jaws easily.

Furthermore, we offer multiple figures of the Weil-Blakesley Nasal Forceps for your convenience. You can use this range to customize your approach for every patient.

SURTEX® Instruments manufacture these forceps from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of efficient service.

Additional Information

Author Name





Working End Details

Fenestrated Jaws

Handle Type

Ring Handle

Joint Type

Rivet / Screw

Shaft Length

12 cm – 4 ¾"




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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