Williams Explorer/Measuring Probe Fig. 6/W

The Xelpov’s Williams Explorer/Measuring Probe Fig. 6/W is a dental instrument that has two end. One is graduated and used to measure the depths of periodontal pockets, and the degree of attachment loss, and the other is used as an explorer to test the presence of caries and ensure a caries free cavity.

  • Diamond Pattern Knurled Handle For An Optimum Grip
  • Ergonomic, Round, Hollow & Light Weight Handles For Maximum Comfort & Minimizing The Risk Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Double Ended, With One Graduated, Slender Blunt Tipped End, And One Angled, Sharp End Providing Maximum Accuracy & Versatility
SKU: DD-105-13

Our Williams Explorer/Measuring Probe Fig. 6/W is a versatile dental instrument. It diagnoses periodontal pockets, and could easily measure the extent and depth of these pockets, as well as detecting caries and ensure that cavities are free of decay before filling.

This instrument has Two Working Ends, One is Sharply-Angled with a sharp end and used as an explorer, and one long, blunt tipped end, accurately graduated at 1,2,3,5,7,8,9 and 10 mm. This design makes the instrument of double use, either as an explorer or as a periodontal measuring probe, providing the ultimate versatility.

The Ergonomically designed, hollow, rounded handles makes our instrument super light weight. This ensures the most comfortable no-slip grip, the easiest handling as well as minimum fatigue.

Made from Premium Quality Stainless Steel. Our Williams Explorer/Measuring Probe Fig. 6/W is sterilizable and re-usable

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Round Hollow Handle




Stainless Steel

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