Yasargil Micro Forceps

The Xelpov’s Yasargil Micro Forceps is a specialized surgical instrument commonly used for grasping delicate internal tissues for manipulation. Commonly used in ophthalmic, ENT, plastic and cardiovascular surgeries for tissue manipulation.

  • Dual Configuration Tips For Ideal Grip On Tissues
  • Finger depressions For Better Control
  • Spring joint For Fast Action
  • Ergonomic Design For Superior Control

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Our Yasargil Micro Forceps comes with extremely fine tips for grasping super fine tissues. 

Grasps membranes, delicate tissue strands, blood vessels, sheaths, as well as skin and subcutaneous tissue. 

Especially includes variations of 1 by 2 teeth at the tip and smooth tips for ideal grip on different tissues. The narrow profile of the tip also increases precision of the instrument.

In addition, the operating forceps includes special finger depressions on the handles for better control of instrument.

Has a smooth design and light weight which adds to the comfort of the surgeon. Moreover, the spring allows fast action, preventing delays, during surgery.

The Yasargil Micro Forceps is available in multiple lengths for variable surgical needs. Moreover, the instrument has smooth outer curves to prevent accidental damage to surrounding tissues. 

Made in highest quality, surgical grade stainless steel with satin finish to reduce glare. The instrument can be sterilized and reused. 

Additional Information

Author Name






Instrument Profile

Bayonet Shaped

Handle Type

Spring Handle




Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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