Cobb Bone Gouge

Xelpov’s Cobb Bone Gouge is a specialized orthopedic tool that surgeons can use for carving and scooping the soft, cancellous tissue of bone structures, in order to collect bone tissue for grafting procedures and biopsy analysis.

  • Atraumatic Cutting Edge for Smooth Scooping Action.
  • Available In Multiple Blade Shapes for Reaching Narrow Spaces.
  • Ergonomic Ferrozell Handle for Enhanced Gripping.

The Cobb Bone Gouge offers a wide range of fo surgical benefits for orthopedic surgeons. These benefits are important to remove diseased bone and to harvest material for bone grafting.

For this purpose, the gouge has an atraumatic concave blade supplied with a sharp cutting edge. Moreover, the blade is available in four different shape patterns for scooping flat and round bone surfaces. As a result, surgeons can press the cutting edge against the desired bone to carve the bone tissue with ease.

In addition, the device features an elongated, straight shank. Also, the shank is long enough to allow deep surgical access, and it ends in an ergonomic ferrozell handle that minimizes fatigue.

All our Cobb Bone Gouges are available in premium grade stainless steel, ensuring a long-lasting experience for your surgical staff.

Additional Information

Author Name





, ,


Handle Type

Solid Ferrozell Handle

Overall Length

28 cm – 11"

Working End Size

8.0 mm


Dual Satin & Mirror


Stainless Steel

CE Marking




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