Neuro Tuning Fork

Xelpov’s Neuro Tuning Fork is a versatile tool that assists your neurological and otology examinations. It can examine hearing and diagnose different types of hearing loss. Furthermore, it can assess neurological deep tendon reflexes, as well as the pain and touch sensations during neurological examinations.

  • Premium Materials For Long Term Service.
  • Hammer To Examine Autonomic Reflexes.
  • Brush And Needle To Examine Sensory Functions.
SKU: OT-136-00

Xelpov’s Neuro Tuning Fork is a versatile tool that assists doctors to examine the ear and nerve functions. For example, it can detect bone or nerve deafness, in addition to examining loss of sensation.

For an optimal function, the fork has a long base, shoulder and two prongs. To produce vibrations, hold the foot and strike the prongs on a hard surface.

Then, place the prongs at right angles to the ear to test air conduction. Following that, place the base on the mastoid process to test bone conduction.

Furthermore, the base of the tuning fork forms a hammer to test reflexes like the knee jerk reflex. In a medical exam, this is important to find diseases in nerves. Additionally, the pinwheel, brush and needle can help doctors test for pain and touch.

SURTEX® Instruments manufactures this device from premium quality materials to provide a long-lasting service in your medical practice.

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