Rochard Retractor

Xelpov’s Rochard Retractor is a unique surgical instrument that allows surgeons to retract intra-abdominal tissues with the highest possible precision, using a screw mechanism, a frame, and a fixable retractor.

  • Wide Concave Blade For Avoiding Local Injury.
  • Frame With Screw Mechanism For Adjusting The Retraction Angle.
  • V-Shaped Fixating Crossbar For Enhancing Cavity Exposure.

The Rochard Retractor consists of a frame, a v-shaped fixating crossbar, and a fixable retractor. Moreover, the pieces have individual or set uses during abdominal surgery.

Firstly, the retractor comes with a wide concave blade.  The blade outline enhances vision and its width grants the retraction of multiple tissue layers.

Besides, the retractor features an anchor-shaped ringed handle for improving the surgeon’s grip. Also, the shaft has circular slots for inserting the v-shaped mechanism at different heights.

On the other hand, surgeons can fix the retractor into an adjustable frame. The frame has a pair of hooks on its superior bars. The operator inserts the hooks into the v-shaped crossbar rings for fixating the retractor.

Consequently, the retraction pressure and angle can be controlled by a manually operated screw mechanism, obtaining static retractions and leaving the surgeon’s hands free.

Lastly, all our customers can buy Rochard Retractors in a set of blade and frame, or separately. Available in premium grade stainless steel.

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