Luer Tracheal Tube

The Xelpov’s Luer Tracheal Tube is a curved metallic cylinder with two concentric parts.Doctors insert this tube in the tracheostomy opening to maintain ventilation and bypass upper airway obstruction.The patient must be made aware of the danger of entering an MRI scanner with this metallic device.

  • External Collar To Enable Fixation On The Neck
  • Long Inner Tube That Facilitates Cleaning
  • Range Of Sizes To Suit Diverse Indications

Xelpov’s Luer Tracheal Tubes help patients to breathe through the neck opening after throat surgeons perform a tracheotomy. Doctors make this opening if there are masses or tumors in the neck that block the normal upper airway.

In addition, Luer tubes protects the patient from the sedation need for long-term ventilation and oral intubation. It also prevents the infections and pain that the patients experiences due to standard oral tubes.

During tracheotomy procedures, surgeons make an opening in the front of the neck. Then, they insert the Xelpov’s Luer Tracheal Tube in the surgical stoma.

Each Luer set has an outer and an inner tube. The doctors fix the collar of the outer tube to the neck for stability. The inner long tube prevents blocks by thick secretions. In addition, it allows easy removal and cleaning.

Furthermore, this device does not need a pilot during the first passage, and does not need a lock system to keep the tubes in place.

We make a wide variety of Luer tubes to suit a range of surgical needs. They range from 45 to 90 mm, and are available with diameters ranging from 5 to 13 mm.

SURTEX® Instruments manufacture surgical devices from premium grade stainless steel that you can depend on for years of efficient service.

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